How to Ensure an Enjoyable Cannabis Edibles Experience


Whether you’re a frequent cannabis edibles consumer, or it’s your first time, there are many ways to ensure a positive experience the next time you consume an infused treat.

In previous blogs, we’ve shared helpful information on the positive effects of consuming cannabis flower and popular cannabis concentrates on our PUR Cannabliss Dispensary menu. The next topic in our circuit will cover all the steps on the to-do list for your next optimal edibles experience.


1. Eat a nourishing meal prior.

One of the most important ways to ensure an enjoyable experience is to eat a nourishing meal beforehand. The human body’s level of glucose (sugar) in the blood decreases when there hasn’t been any food consumption. As a result of the blood sugar being low, hormones like cortisol and adrenaline flood the body, making the nervous system activated and overwhelmed.

Making sure to eat a nourishing meal before consuming an edible gives the likelihood that these hormones will be stabilized and you will feel balanced, healthy, and happy.


2. Be sure to hydrate before, during, and after.

Drinking water is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies on a daily basis. Not only does it support us physiologically, but it also greatly affects our mental health.

Dehydration can lead to unfavorable effects, such as anxious and/or depressive thoughts. On a physiological level, we may experience discomfort in the stomach and feelings of lightheadedness. Additionally, these symptoms may all be heightened by consuming an edible, so needless to say, the importance of remembering to hydrate is extremly vital.

When we hydrate ourselves before, during, and after an edibles experience, we’re giving our body and mind the love they need to feel good and work correctly.


3. Make sure you’re dosing properly.

Incorrectly dosing is one of the most common mistakes that can lead to a negative cannabis edibles experience.

As a general rule of thumb:

1 – 2.5 mg is a microdose. Usually, users will not feel any intoxication, but they may experience a level of relaxation that wasn’t present before.
3 – 5 mg is a low dose. New users will feel a level of intoxication here.
10 – 15 mg is a moderate dose. This is a perfect dose for experienced users. This is not typically recommended for new users.
20 – 30 mg is a high dose. Only experienced users should take this dose. This dose can be highly beneficial to users with chronic conditions.
50 – 100 mg is an acute dose. This dose is considered to be effective for users with intense physical pain and discomfort.

Our dedicated team of Canna Consultants at PUR Cannabliss Dispensary are available to assist with evaluating your experience level and narrowing down your desired effect to find the perfect dose for you.


4. Be patient for the effects to kick in.

It’s a common phenomenon to have the assumption that you didn’t “take enough,” because the effects haven’t begun after a certain amount of time.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to be sure to wait at least 2-3 hours for the full effects to kick in, before considering taking more. Remember that patience is a virtue here (and you can always take more, never less).


5. Choose an environment in which you feel comfortable.

Feeling comfortable and safe in your surroundings is essential to having a positive edible experience.

Choose people who you can be yourself around. Throw on some music that makes you feel alive. Create an atmosphere of positivity on all fronts.


6. Breathe.

Remembering to take deep breaths is something we’re pretty disconnected from as a species. Since edibles typically heighten the awareness you have with your breath, it’s beneficial to spend the first few minutes as the effects begin to take those deep breaths.

This sets the user on a trajectory of calmness and peace for the remainder of their edibles experience.


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In conclusion, edibles are an ideal product for those looking for a tasty treat and an option to consume cannabis orally. We have the best collection of edibles here at our dispensary in Cedaredge, CO.


Do you have any lingering inquiries regarding how to ensure an enjoyables edible experience? Reach out to us on social media, give us a ring, or come to our Cedaredge location to connect with our Canna Consultants for all your cannabis needs.

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