PUR CannaBliss: Providing Colorado’s Best Locally-Sourced Cannabis Solutions

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Here at PUR CannaBliss, we take pride in providing convenient cannabis solutions that are sourced from growers and brands found across the beautiful state of Colorado. Above all else, our focus and ongoing drive has always been fueled by the ardent belief in cannabis as medicine, and so our diverse array of products is designed to reflect this philosophy.

We feature a methodically curated product line that includes the highest quality in flower, concentrates, edibles, and more cannabis offerings that are sure to satisfy recreational and medical consumers of all types and needs. We also believe in the importance of education/awareness when it comes to proper and responsible consumption.

Keep reading to learn more about our amazing brand, our unparalleled products, and other crucial factors that make our dispensary really stand out from the rest!


More About PUR CannaBliss, Our Brands, & Our Budtenders

Firstly, as we mentioned above, we fully believe in cannabis as medicine. Therefore one of our main purposes is to provide our customers with an extensive inventory of premium isolate and broad spectrum cannabinoid products.

With that being said, coming to shelves very soon, we also have some amazing in-house brands – PUR ApothəCanna & CannaBliss:

About PUR ApothəCanna

Featuring beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, & CBN — PUR ApothəCanna products are designed to provide convenient therapeutic cannabis solutions.

About CannaBliss

Created with the purpose of sharing the therapeutic potential of THC-infused products — CannaBliss is a brand that is ideal for the natural self-care and wellness-focused consumer.

Our friendly budtenders are your personal “Canna Consultants” — with the intention of being there to provide their expert cannabis consultative services for our customers. The more conversation and education there is surrounding this incredible plant, the more we can assist in helping you make the most optimal choices when it comes to your natural self-care.


Why Marijuana Education Is Key

Secondly, we believe marijuana education and awareness is absolutely vital to our efforts in removing the stigma that has been associated with cannabis unfairly (and for far too long). We believe transparency and information are crucial in the legal cannabis sphere, and at PUR CannaBliss, you can always count on us to provide you with all the pertinent knowledge.


Cannabis Products That Can Be Found On Our PurCannaBliss Menu

Furthermore, our aforementioned array of cannabis solutions is designed and curated with our minds on your most optimal self-care and wellness. Here are the categories of products you can expect to find at our dispensary:

  • Flower

  • Edibles

  • Topicals

  • Concentrates

  • Vaporizers

  • Accessories


Be sure to peruse both of our easy-to-navigate online menus to get acquainted with our offerings before you visit the dispensary:


Perhaps the biggest thing to keep in mind when embarking on (or continuing) your personal cannabis journey – is that being aware of what you’re introducing into your body will go along way to ensure you always have the most enjoyable experiences.


PUR CannaBliss: Your Source For Unparalleled Recreational & Medical Cannabis

We’re proudly located in picturesque Cedaredge, providing the local community and Delta County with Colorado’s best, locally-sourced cannabis solutions. We believe in supporting ‘proactive wellness’ — offering our customers first-class service along with an inviting and safe environment.

Hospitality through customer service is one of our biggest mottos, and we look forward to using our platform to make a difference through community outreach, while continually operating with integrity, honesty, and the utmost care.

We have lots more blog content coming up focusing on the many fascinating aspects that have to do with cannabis, so stay tuned ~ Follow us on Instagram & Facebook for the latest updates, product drops, events, and more! 



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