The Many Effective Methods of Consuming Cannabis Flower

cannabis pipe and lighter

Did you know that there are in fact many ways to consume cannabis flower effectively? As a conscious consumer, it’s important to always be aware of your self-care and wellness options. In this blog, we will cover the benefits of pipes, joints/pre-rolls, and dry herb vaporizers.


Cannabis Flower Consumption: Inhalation

First things first. Consuming cannabis flower via inhalation has been shown to be among the quickest ways to feel the desired effects. By inhaling the smoke, cannabinoids and other canna-compounds are able to directly enter your bloodstream through the lungs.



‘Joint’: marijuana rolled in paper. You can buy rolling papers or wraps and roll joints/blunts by yourself. Or, you can purchase joints that are already rolled, called pre-rolls. Joints are consumed by lighting them and inhaling the resulting smoke.

After you light a properly rolled joint, you can take hit after hit without having to worry too much about relighting. Once the joint is finished and extinguished, simply dispose of it (responsibly). No need for a cleaning routine.

  • Convenient – the average joint is on the small side, so it’s easy to carry.



Next, a ‘water pipe’ is a larger accessory that has a chamber for the cannabis flower, a compartment for water, and a longer tube/opening from which to inhale. These pipes are comparatively less harsh on your lungs because the smoke is filtered through water. Some pieces are even fashioned to hold ice cubes, subsequently cooling the smoke even more for a smoother experience.

  • Makes for strong ‘hits’ – this could be a pro or a con depending on your experience level, but one hit from a water pipe can equate to several hits from a smaller delivery method like a joint.


A regular pipe, which is also sometimes referred to as a ‘bowl,’ is any variation of smoking piece with a tube for inhalation. The shape of a pipe can range from a traditional Sherlock Holmes-style pipe to an ornate glass pipe. Cannabis flower is put in the bowl and lit with an open flame while the consumer inhales the smoke.

  • Concealable – unlike larger water pipes, you can carry bowls with you a lot more easily. Most can fit in a pocket or a bag, and be readily available for your next smoke sesh.



Dry herb ‘vaporizers’ do not require an open flame for the consumption of cannabis flower (like pipes and joints). Instead, here the flower is heated. The heat releases the cannabinoids in vapor form, which are then inhaled.

As mentioned above, vaporizers do not create the same ‘smoke’ as pipes and joints, which means there is less of a lingering smell. This makes them more discreet and is especially helpful for those who are smoking around non-consumers or in areas that do not allow smoking (rented apartments, parks, etc.)

  • Potentially less harmful – If you have a high-quality vaporizer, the cannabis flower is heated just enough for the cannabinoids to be released, which has been shown to be less damaging to your lungs.


PUR CannaBliss: Helping to Guide Your Cannabis Path

Finally, while there is no “right” way to consume cannabis flower, there can certainly be wrong ways! There are of course other methods of consumption regarding cannabis in its many forms (edibles, tinctures, topicals, etc.) but since flower is perhaps the most popular product on today’s market, we hope this blog served to illuminate.

If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a team member at PUR Canabliss either online or at our Cedaredge, Colorado dispensary location.